Rearranging the deck chairs

Creativity comes in many forms.

I like to think I’m creative, but I admire those people who move a room around just for fun and come up with great new ways to make a conversation area.

I’m not one of those people.

Living room configuration No. 1

Living room configuration No. 1

Our living room has only two layouts:

  1. Couch horizontal to the TV/fireplace.
  2. Couch perpendicular to the TV/fireplace.

After a year in configuration No. 1, I moved the living room around today to configuration No. 2.

Living room configuration No. 2

Living room configuration No. 2

Stellar innovation, I know. But it reminds me of a few of my rules to live by. These are a few of the bits of wisdom that I would file in the “This is most certainly true” file (see Wednesday’s post for that musing):

  1. Breakfast is not complete without fruit.
  2. Never wear navy with black.
  3. The best sex arises from love, not power (“Fifty Shades of Grey” did the world a great disservice on this point).
  4. Nothing good happens after midnight (unless you’re observing No. 3).

And No. 5: At least one piece of furniture in a room should float. If one shoves everything against the wall, your room tends to look like your first apartment: Decorated by an amateur.

With that in mind, the sofa in configuration No. 2 is not shoved up against the windows; a sofa table behind it cushions it from the windows.

That’s my creative contribution to the world today.

You’re welcome.

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