Anything to donate? To infinity … and beyond!

I have a splitting headache, a muffin top, a tax preparation hangover and a desk so messy I can’t think.


Box up some books to donate.

Hey, it’s better than chocolate (at least for the muffin top).

First shelf of opportunity? The “Star Trek” shelf.

star trek books

I consider myself a “Star Trek” fan, also known as a Trekker, but my fanaticism has waned in the past half dozen years. I’ve read that people cultivate collections for a reason, so maybe there was a logical reason I was obsessed with strange new worlds and seeking out new life back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Maybe I subconsciously yearned for a new world and a new life back then. I got a new life when I got a new man embodied by my Beloved. In any case, my enthusiasm for the final frontier is less fervent now, and I feel like I can let go of some of my “Star Trek” books.

But I’m keeping William Shatner’s memoirs and my Nitpicker’s Guides.

The Salvation Army website suggests paperbacks are worth 75 cents to a buck each and hard covers are valued at $1.50 to 3 dollars each for tax donation purposes. Which means the books I boxed up are worth approximately 1,800 calories: I’ve probably burned exactly as many calories lugging those books from place to place in the past 15 years as I would have burned in two weeks at the gym.

Before I kick these books to the curb, we’ll harvest one last quote from one of them, “Beyond Uhura: Star Trek and Other Memories” by Nichelle Nichols” (yes, I purchased and read the memoirs of every original cast member — that’s what fanatics do):

“For everything we do to make it otherwise, life is never a simple journey. We think we’re plotting a course from point A to point B, when in fact practically every step we take is a detour, a digression, a side trip.”

I hope these books find a new home, a side trip so to speak, rather than end up in the black hole of a dump. Live long and prosper.

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