Familiarity breeds contempt, but seasonal familiarity … now we’re talkin’ enthusiasm

Absence makes the heart grow fonder certainly applies to Girl Scout cookies.

If they were available year-round, those tasty Do-si-dos would be just another Nutter Butter. But when they’re available only once a year, I go into hoarding mode.

Of course, there’s a certain nostalgia attached to Girl Scout cookies for me. I sold them once (more about that here). Even if they tasted like crab grass, I’d invest in a box or two just because a sweet little girl was selling them.

Other seasonal foods just don’t have the same magic. Fruitcake? Useful for jokes only. Cadbury Creme Eggs? I always think of my sister when I see these, because she loves them, but I think they’re entirely too sweet. Shamrock Shakes? Yuck. I’m not a big fan of mint chip ice cream either.

But a gooey, coconutty Samoa? Give me a cup of coffee and a lull in the afternoon to enjoy with it, and I’m satisfied. During the Girl Scout cookie season anyway.

How about you? What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Or seasonal treat?


2 responses to “Familiarity breeds contempt, but seasonal familiarity … now we’re talkin’ enthusiasm

  1. it’s hard to pick a favorite- thin mints, lemonades, and caramel delites would be the top 3!

  2. A while back, I went to a township meeting where the dad of a girl scout had her order form. I ordered several boxes and then asked everyone present to order 1 box that they would donate. I’m waiting for delivery, so that I can box them up to ship to a very good guy serving our country in Afghanistan!! I hope he shares them with his buddies.

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