The best salsa on South Padre Island doesn’t have tomatoes

The creator is a native of India who’s lived in Brownsville, Texas, for 30 years, and he serves up the best fusion cooking around.

You can find him and his bawdy jokes at Padre Bar, a nondescript locale on the island’s No. 1 Beach Access — not necessarily the best beach access, but the first.

He keeps us coming back, not just for the cold beer (which one can find anywhere on South Padre Island) but for the green salsa.

I can confirm that while Zeste Gourmet Market & Cafe serves a killer red salsa ranchero, Harry’s green stuff is like nothing else. Served with fresh fried tortillas, it’s the perfect combination of fresh, hot and zowie.

cilantro salsaHarry’s salsa touts cilantro, a mysterious combination of Serrano and cayenne peppers, and peanuts. Blended until smooth. Served with a fully dressed beer.

I didn’t get the recipe though he promises to email it. Until he sends it and I can share it here, you can get some at 1500 Gulf Blvd., South Padre Island. Enjoy.

2 responses to “The best salsa on South Padre Island doesn’t have tomatoes

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