Happy heart day

I ran across this nugget today in an old issue of AARP The Magazine (not my subscription, for the record!). Under the category “What’s New” (new? really?) appeared the headline “More Sex = Longer Life”:

So says Margaret Pressler, author of “Cheat the Clock: New Science to Help You Look and Feel Younger.” We asked for her top tip (and forbade her from saying “diet” or “exercise”). Why does sack time extend your lifetime? Emotional connections make us feel young — and sex helps forge those connections. Cuddling and holding hands work, too: They release hormones that made you happy.

My liquor bottles have always suggested “drink responsibly,” but I noticed today my salt container admonished, “Be informed. Salt responsibly.” So, responsibility being the theme, consider yourself informed by this news about a longer life and celebrate responsibly. Happy Valentine’s Day!


One response to “Happy heart day

  1. Da Hubby aka love machine

    OMG, where to start…..”Longer Sex = More Life” = AARP sounds like a Viagra commercial. Sack time & Valentine’s days sounds like some fun tonight! Drink responsibly with Salt sounds like the start of a good Margarita. hmmm love is in the air!!!

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