A memory of mail that sticks

When I was in seventh or eighth grade, I joined stamp club.

Stamp club wasn’t like the band twirlers, who had sparkly outfits and cute marching boots. They got to learn impressive gymnastic routines while throwing their batons in the air.

That was a cool group.

I wasn’t that cool.

But stamp club had stamps!

For a girl who played office with her mother’s tape dispenser and a rickety metal TV tray, postage stamps were a must-have prop, as crucial as notepaper and a telephone (preferable one with push buttons — “Yes, Mr. Kadiddlehopper? You want me to take dictation? I’ll be right in”).

Back then, in the stone age, stamps had to be licked to affix. People back then mailed things, too, I guess, rather than Drop-Boxing or Instagramming or Facebooking important paperwork.

In any case, stamps prettied up an envelope, and we cavemen found it fun to collect the colorful bits of paper.

stampsI bring up stamps at all, not because I’m waxing nostalgic for stamp club, but because I want to remind you to invest in Forever stamps now. The U.S. Postal Service is charging a penny more per letter beginning Saturday, Jan. 27; first-class postage goes up to 46 cents.

Honestly, it amazes me that I can send a letter across the country from my yard to a friend’s house for just 45 cents, so 1 cent more doesn’t bother me. But saving money is still saving money. So get thee to the post office today.

3 responses to “A memory of mail that sticks

  1. Thanks for reminding me…I love the Forever stamps idea!!

  2. I went through both a stamp collecting and a coin collecting phase as a kid. Neither one really took.

  3. I’ll be heading to the post office soon too…money is money….

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