While the rest of the world is celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day or possibly dancing away the night at an inaugural ball, I’m observing the third week of January. While thermometers are bursting at the bottom all over Minnesota, it was 72 degrees today in South Padre Beach, Texas.

Enjoy this little tribute from 2010 …

Minnesota Wonderer

The third week in January makes Minnesotans yearn for days filled with mosquito repellent and sweaty glasses of lemonade.

I lived in Minnesota for 36 of my life’s 43 Januarys, and I came to expect the coldest weather during the Jan. 20-29. The high was 19 degrees in Wadena today, so that may not be true this year. For the record, I walked the dog in the 31-degree weather in Illinois this morning. Temps are almost always 10 degrees warmer in my new home state.

Nineteen degrees (or even below-freezing 31 degrees) is balmy compared to temps in the 20s or 30s below zero, which are not uncommon in January in Minnesota.

When I worked at Target in college, I remember parking my car in the parking lot at 4 or 5 p.m. and praying it would start again after sitting in the windy cold for 6 hours. You see, I could plug in…

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  1. Those of use who know cold are supposed to enjoy it somehow. I do in small bits. 🙂 Thanks for this.

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