Mayo is the secret to flavorful fish

If you’re like half of America, you’re trying to eat better in the new year and you know you think you ought to eat more fish.

If you haven’t tried this mayonnaise topping to jazz it up, you’re missing out.

There are dozens of variations on the internet, but it essentially involves mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and lemon juice. Add spices as desired, smear on fish of any kind (we had tilapia tonight, but it was also delicious on snapper) and bake in the oven. Easy to prepare, healthy if you use light mayo and very tasty.

I also tried to make crispy-skinned baked sweet potatoes, but I didn’t manage that (they were delicious, even kind of mushy).


Bon appetit!



2 responses to “Mayo is the secret to flavorful fish

  1. I love fish and would just as soon have it broiled and served straight! (Well, and I’m not a fan of mayo! :grin:)

  2. Iight mayo isn’t always the answer, though.. often ‘light’, ‘low-fat’, and ‘no-fat’ versions of foods add sugar, sodium and transfats in order to compensate for the missing flavor. This sounds like an awesome idea, but I think I’ll use the full fat version in a smaller quantity, myself. 🙂

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