Happened by a 10K in progress yesterday, and I thought, “That looks like fun.”

Me. Thinking a running race looked like fun.

Never would have said that seven years ago when I started running, just about this time of year. I’m been reading Runner’s World magazine long enough now to see the “Newbie” transform himself into a half-marathoner. And here I am thinking I should find a race and run in it.

Just for fun.

My enthusiasm this morning, when I was laced up and actually running in a cold rain instead of watching other people run, was dampened (excuse the pun). But still.

3 responses to “Bitten

  1. Yep, I think both you and Jill should come out West and run with the wild horses….for a race or just for the fun of it! Lake Tahoe is calling!

  2. Wow! a 10k, huh? What are your favorite local 5ks?

  3. So did you pick a race out yet?! Sometimes it’s a great motivator. Hmmm…maybe I should race more often. Love reading your blog, by the way!

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