It’s in the cards

Do you see what I see?

A card, a card, winging through the mail, with a pic and a tale.

The Christmas card season began in earnest today when not one, not two, but three Christmas cards arrived in the postman’s bounty. Oh, joy!

For us dinosaurs who still enjoy snail mail greetings, this is the playoffs, the World Series of the season.

I received one card the day after Thanksgiving, and then a drought, but I expect good wishes to swell from a trickle to a tsunami by the 24th. I myself sweated out the annual missive — complete with photo greeting this year — yesterday. Seventy-four cards are in the mail. Whoop! Whoop!

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Happy new year!

Love in an envelope.


One response to “It’s in the cards

  1. I remember how we’d do that family photo for the Christmas card thing every year. Dad was a pastor (Lutheran), so our mailing list pretty much consisted of most of the church and a lot of folks from previous churches. The piles of cards to mail were stacked high!!

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