A hazy shade of winter

Sometimes, when I’m running really fast on the treadmill (“really fast” being relative), I pass the time by thinking of the 5-second fractions.

Five seconds is 1/12, 10 seconds is 1/6, 15 seconds is 1/4, 20 seconds is 1/3, etc. Pretty soon, the minute is gone, and I can return to a jog or better yet, a walk.

Today is like that, only I’m not wishing for the 11/12th fraction, I’m staring at it unbelievingly. As the second hand swings past midnight, the year is 11/12ths behind us.

Whew. I feel like Wile E. Coyote standing still in a Road Runner cartoon.

Shame on me for wishing away the seconds.

Time, time, time,
See what’s become of me.
While I looked around
For my possibilities.

~ Paul Simon

4 responses to “A hazy shade of winter

  1. seems to me that was a bangles tune too!

  2. The older you get, the faster they go by (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and even months and years). As you age they represent smaller and smaller fractions of your total life. A year is 1/10th of a ten-year-old’s life; it’s less than 1/50th of mine! One begins to appreciate the depth of feeling behind the phrase, “time’s cruel pace.”

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