Word count mania

The difference between being a high school student and a 40-something blogger: Word count.

Even though good writers everywhere know brevity is the soul of wit, high school (and college) teachers demand papers of certain length, thereby tempting said students to pad prose, widen margins and stuff white space between lines.

I helped my Adored Stepson with a college application statement yesterday and a compare/contrast paper today, and I was thrust into a world where meaning dragged around a ball-and-chain of word count. Meanwhile, I’m dreadfully behind on my NaNoWriMo goals. Oh, how painful it was to write 3,200 words today. Toward the end, I was counting every two dozen additions. Awful slavery.

Bloggers, thankfully, may write only as much as they want and then they quit.

Like this.


5 responses to “Word count mania

  1. My graduating high school senior daughter Kari and I have been discussing this. She thinks she must fill out all school and scholarship applications or it is unethical. For example asking for a biography, resume, cover letter. I say it’s an application and anyone can write it unless it is a request that it is obvious they are wanting to read her writing talent/style.


    Close circuit to Monica – final three appear to be Bethel University, Concordia University (both St. Paul) and Minnesota Morris.

    • I think Kari is mostly correct. By “help,” I mean I am a muse (helping brainstorm beforehand and ask helpful questions to inspire thinking) and I am editor after it is written. Every writer can use a good editor, but that doesn’t take away from the original authorship. I do not do the writing. The concepts, if not the commas and capitalization, are all his.

      I attended Morris for two years. I would have stayed there if they had the major I wanted, and in retrospect, I should have stayed there. I’m sure Kari is an exemplary candidate who will get her choice of options. Keep me posted.

  2. Being a recent college graduate I find myself relieved that no matter what I’m writing I can write as much as I want and then walk away for as long as I want without any serious consequences, haha.

  3. isiscambassassassassian

    That’s why I find the NaNoWroNo or whatever it is hilarious – it all about word count with no care for quality!

  4. How does one measure quality?

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