Let’s put the ‘perspective’ back in Thanksgiving (don’t be so literal — it’s in there)

Some people have an exaggerated sense of holidays.

Christmas, I get. Doing Christmas right, in the over-the-top American tradition, requires decorating, baking, card-writing, buying, wrapping, partying, eating, returning.

There’s a lot to do.

But Thanksgiving? Seriously. It’s a big meal. And if you’re lucky, you get to bring one dish to somebody else’s house. That’s it. Eating. It doesn’t take a week to prepare one meal.

I went to a networking meeting today, and the turnout was horrible. Someone said, “Well, it is Thanksgiving week.”

Thanksgiving is not a week. It’s a day.

We’re entertaining 13 people at our house on Thursday. Yes, I’ve been to the grocery store twice and yes, I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday and vacuumed tonight, but seriously, it doesn’t take a week to prepare for Thanksgiving. I had time to be at the networking meeting.

It’s an excuse.

While we’re on the topic, it’s an excuse to overeat, too. For the record. (My Beloved says I say “for the record” too much, but for the record, my blog is a record.)

Just like some people use a holiday as an excuse for absorbing a week’s worth of time, some people use a holiday as an excuse to overindulge for a week. Let me repeat, Thanksgiving is one meal. You could eat until you’re stuffed like the turkey for that one big meal on Thursday, and the most you could possibly gain would be one pound.

One pound. Not 5. Not 10. To gain 5 or 10 pounds during the holidays, you have to eat too much for five weeks straight.

Perspective is called for.

OK, I’m ranting. (For the record, this is my record.) If you want Thanksgiving to mess up your entire calendar and your waistline, go for it.

But I’m saving that mess for Christmas.


One response to “Let’s put the ‘perspective’ back in Thanksgiving (don’t be so literal — it’s in there)

  1. Me too!! Which is why I’m gone Thanksgiving Week =P We have Thursday and Friday off of work, which means I only needed to burn 3 vacation days to have a grand total of 9 days away from work (including weekends, because I like to feel grandiose like that). That could by why no one showed up to your meeting 😀 Man… if I were at work this week, there would be random treats, pot lucks, thanksgiving at my mom’s house, and left-overs to contend with. As it is, I had cheesecake for lunch yesterday. @_@ This escapism isn’t working out as well as I had hoped.

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