Oh, the joy of a new calendar!

I found myself at a Barnes & Noble bookstore today (yes, I was using a Garmin, and yes, I typed in “Barnes,” but I found myself there as much as I was drawn). And I picked up a beautiful 2013 appointment calendar.

I can hardly believe it’s time to think about the next year, but it is. The inside of this book is as lovely as the outside with its monthly calendar beside pages for weekly notes, and tabs (lovely useful tabs!) for each month.

It’s enhanced with quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh like “Every step, every breath made in mindfulness is an act of true love.” Of all the books that have slipped through my fingers over the years of many moves, I hung on to Hanh’s “Peace Is Every Step” for its timeless wisdom on living in the moment. This is exactly the philosophy I want perfuming my plans each day.

While I was in the calendar aisle, I spied the 2013 version of Marty Jerome’s Runner’s Day-by-Day Log. I love this calendar for recording my daily running/walking routines, and the 2013 version will mark the fourth year I’ve been using this log.

Because I regularly record my weight and mileage, I can tell you I’ve covered 660.71 miles so far this year, 245.35 miles fewer than last year at this time. I cut back on my mileage earlier this year to assuage plantar fasciitis pain in my left foot. My foot is better, but because of my log, I also know I weigh 7 pounds more than I did last Nov. 18. And I weight 11 pounds more than I did 2 years ago.

Hmm, have I gained weight because I’m running less? Or could it be that I’ve been eating too many of these?

Half empty? Or am I half full?

Introduced to these by a friend who described them as “crack caramel” because they’re so addictively delicious, don’t blame me when Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels jump into your cart at Costco.

Now that I have my new 2013 calendars, I can ponder new resolutions to lose weight, run more, live mindfully and eschew anything touting “sea salt.”

That’s all I will do for right now: Ponder. Action can come later. This week, I’m going to be grateful and gluttonous.


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