Lewis Carroll: ‘I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?’

The first snow of the season fell last night in northern Illinois, and it’s cold enough this morning to stick to the cover for the barbecue grill on the back deck.

Like the first robin signals spring is coming, the first snow is a harbinger of things to come. Whether I like it or not, winter has officially arrived.

“Winter in Minnesota can be brutal in ways only people who have actually lived through a winter in Minnesota can understand. When snow falls in Minnesota, it doesn’t go away until April; sometimes even longer. It sits in piles on the sides of the streets, cold testimonies to frozen water, for months. The air is so cold, the hair in your nose freezes. And then the wind starts. Weathermen talk about wind-chill factors with learned solemnity. Winter in Minnesota is nothing to mess with.”

~ Monica Lee in “The Percussionist’s Wife”


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