Sometimes, unadorned is pretty enough

“Of course, I have my guilty pleasures… antiquing…”

~ Ronald in “Cedar Rapids”

I’m living the real life version of “Cedar Rapids,” the funny movie from 2011 about a naive insurance salesman at an insurance convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I’m in Dubuque, Iowa, the town with a name to rival Mississippi when you spell it over the phone: D-U, B-U, Q-U and then an E. It’s a lovely little town with architecture to take you back to a bygone era when people pumped your gas and told time with the clock tower in the square.

And I’m with my husband, who’s attending a convention (of sorts) of insurance agents. Talk over shrimp and steak at dinner centered on insurance markets and tax write-offs.

Life is strange sometimes, how it twists and turns to bring one to places one never would have dreamed of in one’s teenage diary.

But surprises bigger than one’s 15-year-old imagination can be pretty nice.

One response to “Sometimes, unadorned is pretty enough

  1. the field of dreams is a little farther in Dyersville, as is the Ertl toy company- they make farm toys and other cool stuff- I sell Joe Ertl cars and trucks! sometimes we don’t realize how small the world really is- he designed my favorite toy i had as a child- An International Harvester medium duty flatbed truck hauling an Intenational Harvester red tractor- they do tours there too- tell them Rick sent you!!

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