Love the land of the free enough to vote tomorrow

If you haven’t voted already, your opportunity to exercise your rights and perform your civic duty comes tomorrow on Election Day.

Make a plan right now about when you’re going to vote.

And figure out how you’re going to vote. Not sure?

Begin by reviewing a sample ballot. Type the name of your county and state and “sample ballot” into Google, and you’ll probably find one. Live where I do in Kane County? Click here.

For the presidential election, you have five choices (in Illinois anyway):

  • The Republicans’ Mitt Romney
  • The Democrats’ Barack Obama
  • The Libertarians’ Gary Johnson
  • The Green Party’s Jill Stein [I didn’t know until I looked it up that a woman is running for president!]
  • Write-in candidate

Knowing your choices might not inform your vote, to be honest. With all the Washington gridlock and negative political ads, you might have to hold your nose to vote for either major party candidate even if you did follow my advice and watch the conventions and debates. I say, “Vote anyway!” Choose a minor party candidate or write in Mickey Mouse (please note spelling) — at least you’ll register your interest in your country and your disinterest in negative campaigning. Truly, that’s worth standing in line for (that, and the “I voted” sticker).

You can leave the rest of the ballot blank if you’d like, but 10 minutes with Mr. Google will probably help you figure out how to handle the other questions and races. At the very least, vote for the unopposed candidates (they’re going to win anyway).

Got a plan? Good. Now execute it.

Here ends today’s public service announcement.


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