Fire station tour was a hit

Sometimes the best sightseeing is next door.

My 9-year-old nephew Logan is dressing as a firefighter for Halloween. My Beloved overheard this, and he got on the horn (as we sometimes say in our family) with one of our neighbors who just happens to be the fire chief in town. Five minutes later, we had a tour scheduled at the Hampshire fire station.

A couple of days ago, we went to the Field Museum on downtown Chicago. We drove to the train station. We rode the train to Union Station. We caught a bus to the museum. We had to stop for lunch just to refuel, it took so long to get to our destination.

To get to the fire station, we put on our tennies and walked less than mile in the bright autumn sunshine to get there. And we got such a great personal tour!

We saw so many things! An ambulance (complete with lights and siren!), an engine, a ladder truck and more. We saw where the fire fighters eat and sleep. We learned a ladder truck costs $1 million. And little Logan even got to dress in a fire fighter’s gear.

“Wow! This is heavy!”

Then we walked home. No crowds, no traffic. What a great day!


2 responses to “Fire station tour was a hit

  1. I really respect fire fighters. Probably one of the noblest of professions. Not high paying, and yet any normal day on the job can result in death or injury. And they do it for us. Doesn’t get much nobler than that.

    • We met a couple of great guys. One of them told us that when he was trying to decide what to do with his life — besides work in an office — a number of police officers told him that if they had it to do over again, they would be fire fighters. So the police respect fire fighters, too!

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