A fortune worth its weight in plastic trinkets and corn dogs

While wandering around the fried food vendors and hawkers of all things made in Asia at the flea market yesterday, I passed a psychic named Rachel.

I didn’t really want six bras for $12, and I didn’t need a kitchen gadget for real cheap, so I figured $20 on a tarot card reading would be good entertainment that wouldn’t fill my closets needlessly. I doubled back.

I used to believe tarot was the playhouse of the devil — I didn’t read horoscopes either — so if that’s how you think, don’t read any further because you’ll feel compelled to pray for my immortal soul.

During the reading, the grim reaper card made an appearance.

I gasped.

Rachel, a tiny Hispanic woman with soft hands and laugh lines around her eyes, said, “Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean death.”

She reassured me it might mean I think often of my brother, who died 13 years ago.

I think it’s more symbolic.

Online, descriptions of the meaning of the death card include phrases such as “speaks of a major conclusion in an area of our lives” and “acknowledged as a life changing symbol.”

I’ve been feeling I’ve been standing on a precipice, but I don’t feel like I’m about to fall off. I feel like I’m ready to fly.

Growing wings would certainly be “life changing.”

In other news, Rachel told me I’m married to a good man, my stepchildren love me and there’s a move in store for me (oh, and my second and third books will be even more successful than my first!).

For $20, my reading was certainly more useful than some of the dusty plastic junk I passed up at the flea market. And I didn’t have to lug it home.


3 responses to “A fortune worth its weight in plastic trinkets and corn dogs

  1. sheenaeastonwannabe

    LOVED this post, Monica! I’ve always been terrified to have a reading done (for lots of reasons but I digress). I think it is amazing that you can look at what she read and see that rather than falling off the precipice, you are getting ready to fly. It will be something to watch you take off…….

  2. [Joke] Part of me hopes that your books don’t do as well as I know they will. If they do, that’ll make me a hipster!! “Monica Lee? Read her books? Pssh.. I was reading her BLOG before you even heard of her.” [/joke]

    I don’t have any connections to the biz, but I really hope that publishing your book is what makes your life take off 🙂

  3. Awesome post! Also, it made me feel a little bit psychic :).

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