Tomorrow begins today

The strangest email showed up from the Minnesota Twins in my In Box today. Here is part of the message:

Sometimes you get thrown out at the plate.

Sometimes you throw it over the first baseman’s head.

Sometimes you hit a long fly ball, only to see it get caught at the warning track.

That’s baseball.

It humbles you.

But there’s something else about baseball. Something great.

And that great thing is that tomorrow is a brand-new day. With a brand-new game. With brand-new at-bats.

Strike out one day, grab a 34 oz. piece of redemption, get back in the batter’s box, and whack it out of the park the next.

That’s baseball too.

And that’s our attitude.

Yes, we made errors and struck out.

But our tomorrow begins today.

I wish I cared about one of the teams in the playoffs because one of the best things about October is the World Series. But I just can’t get excited about any of them.

Still, the thought of a new at-bat in a new day with a new piece of redemption reminds me why I like baseball in the first place.

5 responses to “Tomorrow begins today

  1. I got the same email, and it struck me as kind of weird, too. Did you hear the let most of the coaches go (all except the pitching coach, Rick Anderson). Clearly the second bad season shook things up!

    Plus Target field attendance has been down 11% all season compared to 2010 and 2011. Last I checked, 300,000 fewer fans had visited this year. That represents some serious lost income, so we clearly got their attention: MAKE OUR TEAM BETTER!!

  2. Hi Monica, As a baseball fan who lives and dies for the Blue Jays up here in Toronto I do take solace in watching the post-season play of my “second” favorite teams. I very much would like to see the Nationals make a breakthrough just to keep those pesky Cardinals in their place. You can’t keep sneaking into the playoffs and stealing the trophy like they did last year. Also I am rooting for the Orioles because the Yankees are just perpetually too good and need a smack down. Cincinnati has Joey Votto, a Toronto boy, so I’m keen to see them advance. And living only a couple of hundred miles from Detroit it is hard not to feel the vibe coming up the 401 highway from that storied franchise. So far I’ve got 3 of my teams doing well and hoping the best for the Orioles.

    • You make a good argument about the Orioles because I hate the Yankees! That gives me a team to root for, so thank you!

    • I, too, would prefer the Cards lose. I was rooting for the Rangers last year; twice to the big show, twice the loser. But as I write this the Cards are slaughtering the Nats (12-4). I’m pretty neutral on Giants/Reds but would love Oakland over Detroit. Definitely want the Yankees (and Cards) going down! Sadly, I don’t think Baltimore can pull it off, and I’m guessing it will be Yankees/Reds at the final showdown. If it’s Yankees/Cardinals, I’ll be rooting for alien invasion or war or major earthquakes to take’m both out.

  3. I’m rooting for the Orioles because I despise the Yankees.

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