Abe Lincoln Museum brings history to life

The boy grew up in a log cabin — with a stepmother, I might point out, the man led the nation through a civil war, and the legend died in a theater at the hand of a famous actor.

To be reminded — or to learn for the first time — the story of arguably our country’s greatest president makes the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum worth the trip.

Long ago, I read a biography of Abraham Lincoln and I remember crying at the end. Today, I left an exhibit of Lincoln’s casket with tears streaming down my face. I was crying not only for a man killed for his politics but for the hundreds of thousands of men killed in the nation’s bloodiest war.

The museum does an exemplary job of bringing history to life and telling a balanced story of a controversial man and the politics of his time. In front of a life-like exhibit of a slave auction, I was gratified to overhear a child say, “Well, that’s just not fair!” To learn not to repeat the mistakes of history is the value of museums like this one.

The museum in downtown Springfield is excellent and worth every cent of the $12 admission. Allow a couple of hours to absorb the exhibits.

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