I need a break from my news feed

My Facebook news feed makes me want to shut off the computer and read a book.

I am as addicted to Facebook as the next suburban lemming, but I’m beginning to tire of all the commercialized status updates. I’m talking about the clever sayings posted from some clever website, the news stories people found interesting, the product websites my friends “liked” and yes, the books they read (I’m as guilty as anyone).

The personal news updates are getting rare. I like pictures of babies, dogs and beautiful sunsets, and I’m interested in 5K times, anniversary bouquets and, yes, good books.

The thing is, those posts might not be any more rare, but whatever algorithm Facebook is using might just put higher priority on the commercial posts. That’s how Facebook is making money.

So to get away from the ads, I think I’m going to crack a good, old-fashioned book.


5 responses to “I need a break from my news feed

  1. Just one of the reasons I so rarely visit Facebook. I prefer to look at the face next to me (hubby’s) or at a good book.

  2. Youve definitely got a point… That’s why, if you hover over the arrow in the right hand corner offer status update, you can hide the story and then change the type of updates you get from a person. Although, cracking a good book is a definite plus. What are you reading currently?

    • I’m reading “Stepbrothers” by Lisa Day. Are you on Goodreads? It’s so cool –you can see what other people are reading. If you’re on Goodreads, we should connect.

  3. Here’s precisely what I’m talking about … http://www.startribune.com/business/172394711.html

    Social media is being commercialized. I have seen the enemy, and we are them!

  4. “I am as addicted to Facebook as the next suburban lemming,”

    Why? What possible value can an intelligent person with a variety of real world interests find there that’s even vaguely interesting? There are other, better, places to find pictures of babies, dogs and sunsets (although aren’t pictures such a shallow pointless imitation of the real thing?).

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