Autumn oak

One of the best bits about running outside in autumn is the distinct crackle of crunching acorns underfoot. There’s a moment of resistance, then a pop, and powder is all that’s left on the sidewalk. I feel like I am subduing little worlds with every step.

Most the boulevards in my little subdivision are lined with maple or ash trees. The maple trees don colorful dresses in autumn, but they’re otherwise indistinct deciduous trees.

Oak trees, however, stand apart.

This massive oak tree on my running route towers over the lame little ash trees nearby. Its gnarled bark seems to speak of wisdom and strength: “I will be here long after you are gone.”

In the autumn, the seeds of the oak — little acorns — litter the walkway, hoping to find a fertile spot to establish their own roots.

And here I come, crushing them just for the fun of it. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

“The best time to plant an oak tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

~ Anonymous


6 responses to “Autumn oak

  1. sheenaeastonwannabe

    Just a beautiful post…thanks for sharing….

  2. Love the quote! However, to perhaps put your mind at ease, if the acorns are full of powder, they are defective and you are not killing trees, but crushing dead acorns. Yay! Live ones would be hard enough to send you for a loop, like marbles. Being married to a forester, I love all trees. Maples are for summer, oaks for fall. Each has its time. We have several voluminous oaks and they are totally special, but storms are doing them in. 😦

  3. Yeah, trees are way cool… but there’s something about oaks. The leaf shape, the way they are in the fall, acorns (I mean, come on, acorns!), wonderful furniture, you can age whiskey, scotch, sherry, wine in it… and it’s great for smoking!

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  5. I definitely agree with you about oak trees. They are one of the best trees from my childhood, though that may just be because of the rope swings we tied on them.

  6. The oaks have been raining acorns down on our rooftop for a week.

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