Good friends make food good, too

Today’s news you can use: Dine in good company.

My latest secret indulgence is listening to Oprah Radio in the car on SiriusXM satellite radio. A girl can take only so much hate news from Washington, D.C., Libya and Wall Street.

The other day, Oprah Radio rebroadcast a 1993 interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra who described how your mood affects how you digests food. Here’s a quote from the episode:

Your mental state will even influence the way your body metabolizes.  Dr. Chopra tells of a study done in Ohio State University where they were feeding rabbits diets extremely high in cholesterol.  To their amazement, there was one group of rabbits that never develop high cholesterol levels.  Afterwards they found out that the technician who was feeding this group of rabbits was not just feeding them.  The rabbits were actually being stroked and kissed and cuddled before they were fed.  And due to this pleasurable, happiness factor, the rabbits produced chemicals in their bodies that actually turned the cholesterol into a completely different metabolic pathway!

Chopra suggested you should never eat when you’re upset. When I think about my worst, ugly binges, I’m alone and lonely/angry/sad. Not a good time to actually enjoy the food that’s going in my mouth, and according to Chopra, my food is not having a good time in my body then either.

In the past four days, I’ve been blessed to dine with a couple of pairs of good friends from former places of employment.

Friday night, I sat outside on a sidewalk in downtown Chicago, laughing until my cheeks hurt with Lynn and Ang, with whom I traveled on many overseas business trips. Spending that much time together, eating many meals together, turns colleagues into friends, and reuniting with them, however briefly, was a gift.

Tonight, I dined al fresco again (at least until it rained) with Rebecca and Cheri, who worked with me in a company dedicated to bringing families around the dinner table to eat and talk. We shared lessons in love and life as we caught up, and it reminded us how important relationships are.

Besides the blessings of fellowship, my body was probably working like the well-oiled machine it’s designed to be. Cheese and alcohol were turning into energy and sinew — not a fat cell in sight! These were meals consumed with a side of laughter and a dessert of love.

May you eat well. And in good company!


3 responses to “Good friends make food good, too

  1. Lovely. You made me feel I was there. I WISH I had been there. 🙂

  2. isiscambassassassassian

    Oh 😦 I thought this was going to be a blog on cannibalism!

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