Birthday questions

One could examine one’s state of affairs any day of the year, but a birthday is as good a time as any.

Recently (as recently as this morning, as a matter of fact), I’ve taken to making the birthday boy or girl these questions:

  1. What’s the thing that makes you happiest in the past year?
  2. What’s the thing you’re glad to be putting behind you?
  3. And what are you looking forward to in the next year?

It stuns me the guest of honor would rather be concentrating on being sung to and eating cake (or biscuits and gravy, in the case of this morning’s celebrant) than thinking hard about his or her life, but I forge ahead anyway and get some interesting answers.

Try it the next time you’re dining on a frosted dessert of empty calories and you might be rewarded with a fulfilling conversation.

6 responses to “Birthday questions

  1. I love asking my son these types of questions…but they don’t seem to be the kind of questions that get the quick answers I’d like to hear pop out of his mouth!! Ha! Easier to ask him what game is he playing right now!!

    • Indeed. I had more success getting answers from my mother-in-law than my stepson.

      • From the young you get “I don’t know” and from the old you get “I don’t remember!” Ha!

        But I like your idea of trying!! Maybe we can give them a tube of icing, and let them write out their answers on their Birthday cupcakes!

  2. I can’t believe you are bustin’ on cake and the Happy Birthday song!!! Truly they are the best part of a birthday for me! I think you can wax nostalgic on New Years Eve or Day, and certainly should think about what you want to look forward to every day as you climb your optimistic self out of bed in the morning. A birthday is simply a day for your loved ones to gather around you and show you, in simple acts of kindness like a treat and a tune, that they are thankful you were brought into the world. 🙂

    • OK, point taken. With my birthday so close to Jan. 1, perhaps I tend to blur the lines of celebrating another year and resolving to do things better. I shall remember this when your birthday comes, and I will stick to being grateful for you (which I am other days, too, but loudly and lyrically on your day).

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