Absence makes the dog lover’s heart grow fonder

Chloe, the wonder dog. I wonder what she’s thinking.

She’s a sun worshiper, but she’ll never get burned.

My 8-pound miniature schnauzer has this adorable little habit of frolicking around on her back in the sunshine. Twist and turn, this way and that, as if she’s scratching an itch. Lately, she does it in the rare patch of green grass in our back yard, but here she’s doing it in one our big purple living room chairs.

I miss my little doggy so I dug this photo up from the archives. She’s been staying at my mother-in-law’s house this week while we traveled around in the Jeep with the open windows. As we transported her to Grandma’s house, I was terrified she would jump from my arms to the skull-crushing pavement; it was too stressful, so I’m glad we left her behind.

But I miss her and her wheezy little snooze by now.


9 responses to “Absence makes the dog lover’s heart grow fonder

  1. She’s so cute…no wonder you miss her!! I miss my Siberian so much when we’re away, too!! She acts like she thought we were never coming back for her!! God is so smart to give us pets that love us unconditionally!!

  2. I’m with you; I think they’re scratching an itch! (Poor things just can’t reach their backs otherwise!)

    And I know exactly the fear of dog jumping out of car! When I drove around with mine, the only window I would open wide was my driver’s window. (I had a black Lab, so she couldn’t get past me.) And thing is, it wasn’t an unfounded fear. When I was a kid, my mom and sister were driving and our Beagle did jump out the window. Apparently he landed on his feet and my sister hung on to the leash. Poor thing got dragged on his feet, and they were sensitive ever after. [Horrible story, I know!!]

    • Oh, this IS a horrible story. I would have been a screaming mess. Thank god it was nothing worse than sensitive paws.

      • I remember being pretty upset when they came home and told me about it, and that was long before I became as much of a dog lover as I am now.

        (Say, as a fellow dog lover, you might enjoy my Dog Page(s)!)

        ((Twins beat the Indians again!))

  3. Dogs make us more human in the best meaning of the word. Mine is a miniature red poodle who finds a piece of grass to roll in, lies in the sun on our patio, or curls up at her favorite locations on chairs and couches throughout our house, always in the room where we are present. When we are away she is truly missed.

  4. Our miniature Schnauzer does not do well when we leave him. He won’t eat for a few days. Finally, we have found that if he stays with the two dogs and three adoring little girls at my son and daughter-in-law’s home, he is too busy to miss us much. But he loves to come home and recover by lying on the sofa just like your dog!

    • I think schnauzers are sort of nervous and picky eaters in general. It’s good you’ve found a good place to leave him.

  5. awww…makes me miss our Yorkie/Schnauzer, Diogi, but we love our blue dapple dachshund, Spencer – and we always miss him when we’re away. He’s so forgiving though, and (usually) welcomes us home with open paws and lots of sniffing and licking and jumping and running laps through the house. This last time, though, he acted like he wanted to stay at our friend’s house instead of coming home – turncoat!! 🙂 But he’s happy to be home, sleeping on top of our legs and licking hubby’s face. Love the photo of your little feller!!

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