Hats off to those nice Minnesotans

The phenomenon of Minnesota Nice makes appearances even to people sporting Chicago Cubs hats on their beat-up Jeeps.

Of course, the Cubs have won even fewer games than the Twins, an impressive feat for teams which are No. 15 and No. 12 respectively in annual payroll, so maybe it’s pity Minnesotans are showing, not niceness.

Nice hat!

My Beloved has a penchant and corresponding talent for fixing just about anything, and he was irked he couldn’t puzzle out why the third brake light on his fix-up project wasn’t lighting properly. So he did what any Virgo might do: He covered it up this tiny imperfection. With a Chicago Cubs hat he found in my closet.

He didn’t choose the Cubs hat because he’s a Cubs fan. He chose it because it had a “C” that looked vaguely similar to the Chicago Bears logo. But he certainly didn’t want to waste one his Bears hats on the effort; he’s not the baseball fan in our house — he’s the football fan. (Not very nice, if you ask me, but he’s originally from Illinois so go figure.)

In any case, he wired the hat to the light securely and thought he could forget about his inoperational brake light.

But noooOOOoo.

Minnesotans behave with polite friendliness (some say passive aggressiveness) even in traffic. And even to Cubs fans.

As we’ve driven through Wisconsin (they’re nice in Wisconsin, too, unless they’re protesting unions or union busting) and Minnesota the past week, he’s been politely interrupted at least a dozen times at gas stations and in parking lots by people who think they’re being helpful: “Hey, don’t forget your hat!”

“OK, thanks,” he says and rolls his eyes.

I laughed out loud when we were stopped in traffic and a woman in the car next to us said, “Hey! Your hat’s on the back! I’m a Cubs fan, too!”

He nodded and said something noncommittal like, “Yeah, thanks!”

The light was still red, and she said, “At least the Twins kicked the butts of the White Sox last night!”

Something else Cubs and Twins fans have in common: We don’t like those pesky White Sox!

How nice.

5 responses to “Hats off to those nice Minnesotans

  1. Did you hear they’re retiring Tom Kelly’s number (#10) tomorrow evening?

    • I caught a little of the Star Trib’s sports page yesterday. He reminds me of an airline pilot. No splash, all substance.

  2. Yankee fans, here! Forget the hat…I want one of those new pin-striped cars to drive!!

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