A mighty river

One can’t cross the fourth largest river in the world without being a little impressed, even if one crosses that river a hundred times a year.

The scenic route from northern Illinois to Minnesota isn’t complete without crossing the Mississippi River.

It’s the sort of geographic milestone that demands spelling lessons of little school children in Minnesota — M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.

I used to live a block from the Mississippi River and my walk often crossed it — twice. Now, I cross the Mississippi at least twice, sometimes a dozen times, whenever I visit Minnesota.

On our non-interstate-highway trip this week, we took the Great River Road, a National Scenic Byway, along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi. The river is magnificent and beautiful on these near autumn days.

We took in the river by stopping at a couple of times to see locks and dams up close, and our bed-and-breakfast room on the third floor overlooked the expanse. I took this picture in Alma, Wisc., right next to an enormous coal-burning plant:

Have you ever rented a house boat on the Mississippi River?




9 responses to “A mighty river

  1. I have the mighty ol’ Mississip literally in my back yard-we live on the river. It isn’t really very mighty here, though. I love the river. We enjoy keeping track of how many times we cross it on trips that we take….glad to see that we are not alone on this habit!

  2. I’ve never rented a houseboat on the Mississippi, but I’ve gone on the paddle boat dinners, and I’ve gone up and down the locks and dams near Minneapolis on the 4th of July. Pretty awe-inspiring, going through the locks.

    One thing about the Mississippi that I can’t escape as a MN kid, though, is that whenever I spell it, it’s m-i-ss-I-ss-I-pp-I.

  3. Makes me think of that lil saying we did in school about how to spell Mississippi: M – I – crooked letter crooked letter – I – crooked letter crooked letter – I – humpback humpback – I.
    Did you ever do that little saying in school? I do love the Mighty Mississippi!

  4. I remember a childhood family vacation to the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi. At that point, you could essentially step across the great river.

    (Say, did you enjoy that Twins game Tuesday night? Giving up 9 runs, not so good; getting 18 runs, awesome! And taking both games in that double-header against the Royals wasn’t bad, either. Still, unless they play better baseball, this year could end worse than last year, and last year was one of the worst in Twins’ history.)

    • I missed Tuesday’s game — but I heard about it from a driver at a stoplight who saw the Chicago Cubs hat on our Jeep. She was so happy the Sox got their butts kicked (one night, anyway). I’ve had a hard time stomaching even the morning newspaper about the Twins games lately.

  5. I have never rented a houseboat but I am really excited to be staying at a boat B&B on the Mississippi in February.

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