Watch your step on the scenic route (milk isn’t the only thing coming out of those cows)

Traveling the back roads of Wisconsin can be quite entertaining when one is in the right frame of mind. We’re avoiding interstate highways in our journey north this week, and here are some of the sights we never would have seen had we been driving 72 m.p.h. through Labor Day traffic jams:

  • Quietly grazing cows by the hundreds. Somebody’s got to make all the milk for Wisconsin’s trademark cheese.
  • The end of the Labor Day parade in Hillsboro, Wis., complete with horses, pretty pageant queens in a rainbow of tulle dresses and a combine farm machine.
  • Several horse-and-buggy vehicles operated by bearded Amish men.
  • Neatly mowed and decorated country cemeteries.
  • Winding roads beneath towering bluffs.
  • Rock sculptures made by Mother Nature (and one made by man).
  • An enormous 10-foot-tall tinfoil rooster lawn ornament.
  • Unincorporated Romance, a town consisting entirely of a store/bar/restaurant all in one building. Ah, romance.

Tomorrow: The Mighty Mississippi River


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