The No. 1 secret to accumulating blog readers

One of my favorite quotes about success is generally attributed to Woody Allen, with varying percentages, but I like: “Ninety percent of success is showing up.”

So it is with blogging, too.

I’ve been posting here at Minnesota Transplant for nearly four years, and I just recorded a record month: 4,813 hits in August. That’s an average of 155 hits a day when prior to August it was more like 52 hits per day (plus between 206 and 672 subscribers — I’m not clear on how WordPress figures that — in any case, if you want to subscribe, type in your address up there, above right).

It helped (a lot) that I was Freshly Pressed by WordPress not once but twice (I know, it’s both amazing and totally unfair).

But it’s my longevity and profuse number of posts (roughly 26 a month) that bring a lot of traffic. Minnesota Transplant has a lot of history now. The search engines now notice me (type “Minnesota Transplant” into Google, and I’m No. 1 — talk about “feeling lucky”!).

A couple dozen hits per day come from posts I wrote weeks or years ago. Who knew that no one else was writing about Target commercials based on ’70s school musicals, the top secret recipe for Who-Hash and how much your kid’s teacher gets paid? I’m it, and nearly everyday somebody clicks on one or more of those posts. There’s no accounting for taste.

The lesson here is, if you’re in a funk about how few readers you have, keep writing. Instant success is not as satisfying as success earned by a long, hard slog anyway, right?

6 responses to “The No. 1 secret to accumulating blog readers

  1. I love your posts!!! Read them every day! But I am Really e.joying your book even more!! Can’t hardly put it down. Want to just lock myself in my room and just read til I’m finished. You are an amazing writer! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. I don’t believe in luck. You’ve earned all your success!

  3. I do think you’ve got something here! 🙂
    As I’ve only been a card-carrying citizen of Blogovia for a few months, I’m still building and trying to make this a permanent residence. Thanks for sharing this; there have been times I seriously considered a return to South Anonymity. Reckon I’ll stay and complete the building process instead.

  4. Hi Monica, I’m having a similar experience at 21st Century Tech. My monthly readership has exceeded 4,000 in the last month and I’m averaging about 150 visitors a day, many reading materials I posted as far back as 2010 and 11. I’ve also found that having a Facebook subject page called 21st Century Tech, and posting to other social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and StumbleUpon to be helpful in driving new readership.

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I know what you say is true and it can get discouraging. So many people don’t realize the impact of writing regularly. Okay, I’ll get back to it! 🙂

    Susan Berland
    Memories with Pride

  6. isiscambassassassassian

    Back on MySpace, when the blog community was really thriving there, 10,000 hits a week for even middle-ranking blogs was not uncommon. Surprisingly, these secret there was the blogs that did best usually only posted 4 to 6 times a month. Nowadays, of course, it is a different story!

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