Pay heed to a rare heavenly occurrence

The moon is blue tonight in Northern Illinois, and I’m looking for my ship to come in.

Ginger, the soothsayer

Remember that episode of “Gilligan’s Island”? (“Gilligan’s Island”? The campy ’70s TV show about seven stranded castaways?) Ginger is telling fortunes as a way of stemming “island madness,” and Gilligan is told to look for a ship when “the moon is blue.”

A blue moon occurs rarely — when there are two full moons in one month. The first full moon this month was Aug. 1. A blue moon is no more blue than made of cheese — it’s just a phrase — but “once in a blue moon” is meant to convey “not very often, mate.”

We haven’t had a blue moon since March 30, 2010. Though I believe in the old wives tale (I’m getting to be an old wife now, you know) that people behave strangely when the moon is full, there’s nothing in my blog post that day to indicate anything fishy was going (though I recall some behind-the-scenes lunacy that later blew up in my face).

This whole week has had a bit of rare air about it: My book came out Monday, my Beloved celebrated a milestone birthday on Tuesday, we celebrated our anniversary yesterday (every wedding anniversary is a milestone in my book) and a blue moon makes an appearance today.

May you find the kind of happiness you experience only once in a blue moon.

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

~ Friedrich Neitzsche


3 responses to “Pay heed to a rare heavenly occurrence

  1. On blue moon days, we have ice cream at noon and eat lunch at 2:30 p.m. Just a fun thing I’ve always done with my girls since they were little! And of course, in Door County, WI they have blue moon ice cream which makes it that much more “heavenly!” Enjoy!

  2. You’ve explained it! We went out to eat tonight at a place that has live music, a couple of guitarrists who play and sing jazz. They began with the song “Blue Moon” then proceeded to “Blue Sky”. We were enjoying it and on the way home noticed the full moon, which down here in post hurricane skies, it had plenty of cloud layers to peak through and look bluish. Must be an odd week everywhere! 😉

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