Sounds like a challenge

Imagine losing your sense of smell.

Then you sense of taste disappears into the ether.

You sense, if that’s the word, what’s next, but you fear the silence and darkness.

That’s the plot of “Perfect Sense” starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green.

I was astounded by the power of silence. After watching the movie, some of which is perfectly silent, my Beloved and I are toying with the concept of eliminated all sound for just one day.

No National Public Radio.

No TV.

No talking.

No calling the dog from the back yard, “Chloe, get in here! Right now!”

No phone calls (take that, telemarketers!).

No music.

How much would we miss the ability to communicate with sound?

I think, briefly, I couldn’t live without ambient sound, but of course, that’s hyperbole. If forced to, I probably could.

But taking a sound diet might make me appreciate the sounds I hear and take for granted every day.

Like the sound of my Beloved’s voice. Or his breathing. Or his heartbeat.

My little dog’s wheeze as she lies beside me.

The sound of children playing down the street and the click of my keyboard.

Tap, click, tap.




3 responses to “Sounds like a challenge

  1. I took a Mindfulness course where we spent 8 hours not talking – there were occassional instances where our Leader would speak instructions as we moved from yoga to meditation to lunch…we ate lunch at tables of 4 with no talking and very little eye contact. It wasn’t as hard to do as you might think….

  2. My daughter-in-law does not have a sense of smell, but says that she still tastes food. I have a hard time remembering that she can’t smell when I talk to her about general life things. She tells me that she has never really felt that she has missed a lot except when everyone talks about the smell of their newborn child. She has never smelled a baby. That brought tears to my eyes.

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