Big birthday, little moments, good day

Well, the AARP card arrived in the mail about 10 days ago. My Beloved likes discounts, so he was actually excited about that.

Beyond that, his 50th birthday was celebrated rather quietly, without a black balloon in sight. No surprise parties, Sage, or restaurant soirées, Sheena, and I loved the concept of a limo (thanks, Wyrd) and a special album of wishes from friends (brilliant, Katharine), but I should have been soliciting ideas two weeks ago or two months ago, not two days ago. Instead of interesting beers, Frank, my husband got a big bottle of wine (from his mother), an obscene birthday card (from his uncle) and a Carhartt jacket (from me).

If nothing else, I’m an excellent procrastinator.

He enjoyed breakfast with me, lunch with his mother (and me) and dinner with his daughter (and me — I ate well today, even though it wasn’t my birthday!). “Happy birthday” was sung five different times to him. The highlight was when the waitress dimmed the lights at the sushi restaurant at dinner, and the sushi chef brought out a sculpted orange lighted with a candle and sang “Happy Birthday” a la “Deck the Halls” in “A Christmas Story” (fa, rah, rah, rah, rah …). Tyler laughed so hard! It was better than any fancy cake or elite choir.

It was a happy moment. And I guess, or hope, that’s all that counts.

Happy birthday, Beloved!

8 responses to “Big birthday, little moments, good day

  1. It was a happy moment. And I guess, or hope, that’s all that counts.

    It is, most definitely, all that counts! Glad it was good!

    (Did you know that the traditional Happy Birthday song is copyrighted? Any time you hear it on TV or in the movies, they had to pay to use it. I think that’s why so many restaurants come up with their own version.)

  2. Who copyrighted the Happy Birthday song? It seems to me that it has been around forever.

  3. sheenaeastonwannabe

    No one could ever top that! Sounds like a perfect day. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  4. Here’s a good article on Wikipedia about it. Apparently the song goes back to 1893, but the “Summy” company registered it for copyright in 1935. They were purchased by Warner/Chappell in 1990. Warner claims the 1935 copyright does not expire until 2030!

    It seems that whether the copyright actually is in place is disputed. I imagine TV and movie studios purchase the rights to avoid being sued, even it eventually they might win (the law suit is probably much more expensive than the rights and could tie up the production).

  5. Well, a Happy Fiftieth to your man, Monica!
    And thanks for your kind words. 😉

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby … I hope I have the pleasure of meeting him in the near future! Where do you go for sushi! We are huge sushi lovers and have been going to the same place for over 20 years! Love to try different places for variety! 🙂

    • We like Mr. Samurai on South Randall Road in St. Charles but share where you go — we are looking or a good place closer to the city but not IN the city.

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