It’s the butter, stupid

“Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.”

~ John C. Maxwell

I’ve been avoiding bread lately, not because I have celiac disease but because wheat products just don’t agree with me. I won’t get into the details.

As an experiment the past five weeks, I’ve eaten no sandwiches, no spaghetti, no crackers and alas, no toast. Toast with peanut butter, that’s the hardest sacrifice. My father prefers to begin his day with a banana, toast and peanut butter — I have more of my father in me than I’d like to admit.) On the plus side, the mother of invention led me to most delicious gluten-free crackers from Crunchmaster — white cheddar flavor multi-grain crackers.

In any case, I’ve lost three pounds in five weeks. Which is better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I feel better without wheat in my diet, but my theory on why I’ve lost weight is because I’m not eating butter.

As I was grocery shopping today, I realized I haven’t bought butter in a month. The foundation for butter is gone.

Irony rules the day.

The dish-to-pass I’m bringing to a gathering tonight is skillet cornbread — made with wheat flour and butter.

We’ll see if I eat my own dish. I think I know the answer.


6 responses to “It’s the butter, stupid

  1. I gave up all flour products, pizza and pasta included, on April 28, 2012 and have lost 23 pounds so far. The choice was to purchase a new wardrobe or fit into my clothes that I love. I chose to lose the weight. I don’t have Celiac’s but I will tell you that giving up flour products has also given me added energy and I no longer crave sweets. I still have my usual scoop of Oberweis ice cream once in a while, but food is no longer a priority for me. I’m eating healthy, feeling better don’t miss the flour. And for someone who bakes for others, this is interesting! I am now experimenting with gluten free desserts so that I can offer an alternative for people! By the way, I LOVE peanut butter on unsalted rice cakes! I have that almost every morning with my coffee! 🙂

  2. Butter’s okay – it the shock from reducing the high carb flour products that has spiked your weight loss. Well done!

    • I don’t know… I’ve been eating plenty of carbs in the form of corn, potatoes and rice. You’re sure it’s not the butter?

  3. I reckon that the weight loss is because of a combination of not eating wheat products and butter. Butter in small quantities would probably be healthier than wheat in small quantities. Even if you don’t have Celiac you can be sensitive to wheat products. Anything that one is sensitive to can cause a slower and inefficient digestive system.
    If you were buying factory bread (with a long list of additives) this could also have contributed to weight gain, because our bodies don’t know how to handle those poisons.
    Spelt flour is said to be better for people who are wheat-sensitive. I’ve been baking bread with it for years. It’s a very forgiving flour when it comes to bread making. I recently posted my favourite recipe, in case you are ready to try. If I were you I’d only ever eat homemade bread should you get a craving for it again.

    • I’m an experimental cook, so I’m game for a spelt flour bread. I’ll give it a try (and maybe write about it!) Thanks.

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