Snack, snack, snack much?

Second only to chocolate, nothing says “snack” to me like Doritos.

Doritos also says “meal” (when combined with a block of medium cheddar cheese) and “self-absorbed, feel-sorry-for-myself binge,” too, but when I plumb the memory banks for my youthful snacks, Doritos rank right near the top.

Why am I thinking about Doritos? Well, it doesn’t take much, but two reasons. One, I made a banana-raspberry-vanilla shake the other day and it tasted distinctly like strawberry Laffy Taffy (I know, how does banana-raspberry taste like strawberry, but I’m betting Laffy Taffy wasn’t using certified organic real fruit flavoring back in the ’70s — they were using “pink” and it was close enough). I instantly was transported to the Little Store, a neighborhood candy shop a block and a half from my childhood home in Wadena, Minn. It was a convenience store in someone’s house tempting children on their way to school with every kind of candy and snack. Besides Laffy Taffy, I remember buying Bazooka Bubble Gum and Hostess Fruit Pies at the Little Store.

And Doritos.

The snack-size bag was 25 cents. I wonder how many times I bribed my little sister or brother to get me a bag of Doritos at the Little Store. I think the going bribery rate was 5 cents (I was a conniving older sister, what can I say?).

The second reason I’m waxing nostalgic about Doritos?

A clever little video that’s gone viral called “Hot Cheetos & Takis” by Y.N. Rich Kids, a group of kids in a summer enrichment program in Minneapolis. Having been featured in the Star Tribune and National Public Radio, the catchy little video has gone mainstream. Inject a little joy into your day and check out the video on You Tube.

The lyrics include “I go to the corner store” and “I got my fingers stained red,” which makes my mouth water for Spicer Nacho Doritos (I know, there’s something just wrong with that). The Y.N. Rich Kids disdain Doritos, but really, Takis are just the New Age Doritos. Same song, different verse.

Any cheesy memories in your history? What says “summer snack” to you?


9 responses to “Snack, snack, snack much?

  1. sheenaeastonwannabe

    My two best friends and I would indulge in bags of Doritos and Pepsi every weekend while watching endless hours of tv and listening to the radio. Doritios were our drug of choice. My mom still jokes about the “dragon breath” we all had from consuming them. Doritos will always be a fond memory from my past.

  2. Nothing says snack to me more than ice cream! I remember going to 31 Flavors on Devon Avenue in Chicago for 31 days in a row and my friend and I would order a different flavor each time to be sure we tried them all!!! These days, I’m addicted to Oberweis and only a few flavors will do now. Thank you for helping me remember the good ol’ days of walking the mile to the Chicago library with a stop for ice cream on the way there!

  3. I had a serious Doritos addiction back in the day when there was just the one flavor. The natural goodness of corn, right? (Well, and maybe a few other ingredients, but just for flavor, you know.)

    There was an auto-pusher that operated just outside my office; the fiend was always there pushing those snack drugs, Doritos and Grandma’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies (mmmm, chewy). He was in cahoots with another auto-pusher who stood next to him and pushed DP and MD (Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew). You could never talk them into a fix on credit; you always had to pay to get their wares.

    Once they had me good and hooked, they began raising their prices until I was finally moved to break the addiction. Tried Snackers Anonymous, but ultimately the addiction just shifted to Triscuits and the occasional package of fresh ginger cookies (with the icing!) from the market.

    Damn you tasty snacks! You’re just too yummy. Those baby carrots just can’t compete no matter what I dip them in. [sigh]

  4. Cheetos. Darn you Monica…now I’ll be craving those things all day long! And since I live in a small town {population 800ish} it really is the corner store that will get the change sitting in my console…waiting to fund that emergency it’s kept there for!

    • Sorry (though I know you’ve inspired your share of cravings over the years!). I would suggest you walk to the store, but I looked up the temperature in your area and I can see that might be tough to do.

  5. Heath Bar washed down with a Dr. Pepper, after my shift as a Candy Striper, each Tuesday afternoon, all summer.
    No wonder the ol’ pancreas malfunctions anymore!!!

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