Special selection from the farmers market

When one wakes up on a Saturday morning with nothing better to do, a farmers market will liven up the weekend, especially this time of year.

My Beloved, my beloved stepdaughter and I ventured out this morning to check out the Woodstock Farmers Market. (Sidebar on apostrophes: It’s definitely not farmer’s market, since more than one farmer is involved, but could it be farmers’ market? I shall stick with AP style and go with farmers market — a market of more than one farmer owned by none of them.)

We found a veritable treasure trove of unique goodies, including these:

Mmm … almond butter, what really choosy moms choose.

Edible golden jewels.

While I have red cherry tomatoes to last me into next week (and beyond), I don’t

Gourmet popcorn.

have any of these pretty yellow ones. I picked up quinoa spaghetti noodles the other day with which to experiment (will it be pasty like whole wheat pasta or al denté like it ought to be?), and I’m thinking roasted red and yellow cherry tomatoes would be the perfect topping. As intensely colored as the tomatoes were, the gourmet popcorn was pale in comparison. Can’t wait to top that with butter on our next movie night.

World’s smallest watermelon.

This is not a mini watermelon (and not passion fruit either, heh, heh!). These green gumdrops are sour gherkins, a.k.a. Mexican sour gherkins from the cucumber family. They taste very much like cucumbers but with a tart citrusy edge my stepdaughter described as “limey.” According to the Great & Powerful Internet, they’re delightful in salads.

And since we were in Woodstock, we stopped at Ethereal Confections, the chocolate shop I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (here), and picked up some dessert. Because no matter what day of the week it is and no matter how busy your morning (and no matter what the subject of your blog), chocolate provides a sweet ending.

Salted caramel and Thai peanut butter truffles.


4 responses to “Special selection from the farmers market

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  2. isiscambassassassassian

    Well done wit h the apostrophe call – the apostrophe Nazis have taken over the internet. And those truffles look like possibly the most delicious thing ever, in history.

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