The season change sounds like ‘go, team go!’

The humidity is no longer 95 percent, and evening temps dip into the 50s, so taking a walk at the end of the day is no longer out of the question. It is, in fact, a delightful way to enjoy an August evening and maybe wax nostalgic.

I walked to a meeting of my book club this evening and left the ear buds behind. I was serenaded by chirping crickets and cooing birds.

Faintly, in the distance, I heard the autumn sound of a cheerleading squad practicing its cheers. Oh! That’s like the crunch of football players pounding each other on the gridiron — so distinctive of the season.

It seemed strange, to remember that soon, all the action on Friday nights will be under the lights.

When I first became a stepmother five years ago after years of childlessness, it was strange to be thrust back into the routine of school and sports that I remembered from my own school years. It took more than a year to get used to it.

Now, with Caswell living two states away, it’s strange not be caught up in the school routine. Even autumn at his house with his mother in Minnesota, this school year won’t be routine; he’s taking college courses during his senior year instead of enduring classes at the high school.

So it was pleasant to hear kids practicing cheerleading and to be reminded that the seasons change, predictably and comfortingly.

“To be interested in the changing seasons
is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly
in love with spring.”

~ George Santayana


3 responses to “The season change sounds like ‘go, team go!’

  1. Aw, that’s beautiful!

  2. Same here in the Twins; temps getting low at night. A tree in my yard is already getting ready to shed its leaves. But there’s no way I’m turning the furnace back on in August. Unh, uh. No way.

  3. I also took college courses my senior year of high school. Good luck this year!

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