Worth the truffle of a trip

“Ethereal” is defined as “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world,” and it’s the right brand name for the gourmet chocolates created in a little shop in Woodstock, Ill.

Pronounced i-THEE-ree-ell, Ethereal Confections is a destination spot for discerning chocolate lovers. If M&Ms keep you content, don’t bother, but if creamy dark chocolate with nuanced flavors has you salivating, check it out.

Ethereal Confections’ Thai peanut butter truffle

I stopped there Friday with a foodie friend, whom I gifted a box of chocolates last year after reading about its Illinois connections. Nestled just off Woodstock’s square, famous for providing the setting for Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day” movie, the chocolate shoppe is a tiny gem bursting with the kind of delights any candy lover would enjoy reliving. My hand-packed box of truffles included peanut butter (of course), Aztec (with Ancho chiles and cayenne pepper — wow!) and salted caramel.

They’re the sort of chocolates one eats in six tiny bits, savoring every creamy mouthful.

Besides truffles, Ethereal Confections has bars, meltaways and other inventive standbys. The shoppe is worth the trip, but if Woodstock is out of your way, you can order Ethereal Confections online here.


2 responses to “Worth the truffle of a trip

  1. that looks really yummy!

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