An arresting refrigeration development

As it turns out, our refrigerator is living in a different legal zone — instead of abiding by the law of thermodynamics, it follows Murphy’s law.

And next to an air conditioner going on the fritz on a near record hot day, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

The freezer quits.

Better yet, said freezer’s owners are two states away for the abdication.

Can you imagine the olfactory horror of returning to a freezer full of veggie crumbles, broccoli spears and assorted leftovers that have been  percolating inside a non-operational freezer during a week of tropical temperatures?

Fortunately, I only have to imagine it. An angel looking out for us noticed the gathering puddle in our kitchen and alerted us to the unfolding abomination. The mushy food and liquid ice cream have been discarded and my plastic storage containers separated from the inedible leftovers. Thank you, Angel.

Now all we have to do is find a new refrigerator. We’ll be checking its legal references. No Murphy’s followers allowed.


3 responses to “An arresting refrigeration development

  1. So happy you had someone find this for you! One of my friends refrigerator went out in their garage while they were on vacay…their discovery upon returning (in 100 degree weather) was NOT pretty!!!

  2. A few years ago when we were a couple of states away also, there was a terrific storm with lots of wind which knocked out electricity to our home. Our freezer resided in the garage next to the back door. We had left the garage door opening code with some friends so they could get into our house if necessary, but of course, electric garage door openers only open the garage door if you have electricity! Luckily I did not have too much food stored there. Still–ugh!!!

  3. Wow.. kudos to that Angel for helping you out. Sorry that you lost so much 😦

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