Get your oil changed — it probably needs it

The Escalade got an oil change today, courtesy my stepson who works practically full-time this summer at Valvoline.

It needed it.

Caswell, who changed the oil in 35 vehicles just today, estimates one-third of cars he sees show no oil on the dipstick. Ouch. Ninety-five percent are low by at least a little.

And, when you get your oil changed at Valvoline, they’ll top it off for free between changes. And check all your fluids! That’s almost like those full service gas stations in the 1950s.

Put it on your weekend to do list: Change oil.


5 responses to “Get your oil changed — it probably needs it

  1. Hubs does all this for me, and taught all the sons to do theirs. Daughter works at a car dealership with a 31-bay service barn, so . . .
    You are right, though, it usually is time to change the oil. 😉

  2. Some of the readers of your blog may be interested in alternatives to the big name oil companies for their motor lubricants. If they are a visit exol-lubricants will do them no harm.

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