Independent publishing requires the skills of Jack (jack of all trades)

I’ve moved from book writer to book editor.

Self-publishing is amazing, sure, but it’s like modern photography: The onus is on you.

Before digital images, we used a point-and-click camera to take a picture, brought the film to the drug store, waited a week and looked at our double prints in the car. The only skill required was pushing a button (and driving). Nowadays,  you have to be versed in megapixels, bytes, jpegs, uploading, downloading, color correcting and cropping before you can hold a picture in your hands.

So it is with publishing. Before self-publishing and e-books, you needed a story, the skill to write it and the luck to sell it to a publisher. Nowadays, you need to be an expert in Microsoft Word and book cover design to get anywhere.

I spent a half an hour today trying to change the font of my page numbers in Amazon’s book template before giving up and changing each page number one by one. That’s about 246 page numbers, people.

But I’m getting there. Check up on the progress of my memoir at and start subscribing to that blog so you don’t miss a thing about the launch later this summer.


One response to “Independent publishing requires the skills of Jack (jack of all trades)

  1. Nice entry. Self publishing is a long, often lonely road. Difficult. People forget that all too often, and give up before they reach the finish line. Oh well. More room for real writers.

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