Hotter than blazes

The dog has been laying motionless on the floor of the living room beneath the ceiling fans for a couple of hours.

Perhaps these are the proverbial dog days of summer. With temperatures stuck near or above 100 degrees in much of the United States, I have been wondering about hell.

Is hell really fiery?

According to the concordance in my Revised Standard Version of the Bible, “hell” is mentioned only four times and only once in reference to “fire.” I guess that’s confirmation of a fiery hell, and the weather this week makes me want to examine the motivations of my soul.

I’ve also been wondering — and worrying — about the corn crop around here. The corn is more listless than my dog.

It’s hard to think straight in this heat, so in the spirit of embracing it, I enjoyed an afternoon siesta yesterday. Today, I’m wearing a hot pink wife-beater which would be completely inappropriate most other days of the year. Trying to figure out how little I can get away with yet tomorrow.

Maybe God intends for us to slow down on days like this. To laze around like the dog and concentrate on keeping cool.

Keep cool, friends.

2 responses to “Hotter than blazes

  1. Reblogged this on Minnesota Transplant and commented:

    Well, we’ve found the dog days a few days later than last year, but it’s hot, hot, hot here in northern Illinois and I can barely find the energy to finish reading my book (maybe a book review is in store tomorrow) let alone write a coherent blog entry. So, enjoy this one from last summer.

  2. How crazy is this weather? Freakishly cool in Tx!!! I sat on a patio tonight in a pair of jeans and didn’t even break a sweat!

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