When the moon is full

Random weird ephemera from the world of Minnesota Transplant today:

  • I had a avocado-banana smoothie for breakfast today. I couldn’t stomach the green juice Joy Bauer was hawking on the “Today” show this morning, but this smoothie from the Martha Stewart conglomerate was sweet enough to get past the green. Good enough to enjoy again.
  • My creativity is juiced when faced with a challenge. Today’s challenge: How to make an insurance display for my husband’s business less boring. Answer: LEGOS! The sons of his business colleague created a house, cars, boat and motorcycle out of LEGOS, and the sign on the display says, “Insure your home, cars and all your toys!”
  • “It was so hot today.” “How hot was it?” “It was so hot, the water in the hot tub was 102 degrees even though the thermostat was set at only 100!” “That’s hot.”
  • My sister posted pictures on Facebook of my mother tubing yesterday. On a lake! My mother is 71! My father’s photos of this event were just as amazing — his zoom lens made me feel like I could reach out and touch her. Good for you, Mom!
  • Tomorrow is the full moon. I talked to a nurse during the weekend who says all kinds of craziness happens around the time the moon is full, and she’s the second nurse who’s confirmed this phenomenon to me. Look out!

Green smoothies, creative displays about insurance, insanely hot weather and tubing grannies may be just the beginning of the lunacy this week.


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