Minnesota Transplant blog tries on a new ‘hat’

Check out the new image at the top of my blog (email subscribers, you’ll have to click on the headline to jump to the blog and see it).

You’ll look sweet upon a seat of a bicycle built for two at Baker Park Reserve.

I snapped this picture during a bike ride this afternoon at Baker Park Reserve, west of the Twin Cities. This Hennepin County Park is not only beautiful but offers tons of activities for campers and visitors. My Beloved and I rented a tandem bike to supplement the bikes we brought along in order to accommodate my stepson and his friends; not having a decent bike is no excuse for not visiting this lush and well-manicured park. June is the perfect time for a nice bike ride.

I tend to favor Minnesota geography (usually with a lake to evoke the state’s motto: “Land of 10,000 Lakes) for my blog imagery, and I’ve come to love the Coraline theme for its clean look and emphasis on my words instead of the background. Using WordPress for my blog has its drawbacks (especially as it pertains to advertising), but it’s so easy to use!

I’ve noticed Coraline has been updated to allow for deeper images at the top (rather than the inordinately short and wide image that is the default).

I’m using the Quintus theme on my Clickago Storywerks blog (about organizing and enjoying family photos), and it’s pretty but not quite as clean as Coraline.

I’m not entirely happy with the Wu Wei theme by Jeff Ngan that I’m using on my author blog. The side-saddle headlines are a little confusing, I think, and it’s a little tricky seeing old posts. I need to shop around a bit, I think, among WordPress 202 theme options.

But not on a beautiful sunny June day like this one.


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