Should you bother to see ‘Prometheus’?

I saw “Prometheus” Saturday night, and I loved it. I would tell everyone to see it except I don’t think everyone would love it as much as I did.

First of all, it’s a science fiction movie, and not everyone (gasp!) is a science fiction fan. I, of course, adore “Star Wars” and have literally memorized every scene in most “Star Trek” television episodes and all the movies, so I, um, sort of like science fiction.

Secondly, I appreciated its “prequel” to “Alien” nature, and if you haven’t seen “Alien” or “Aliens,” you might not understand certain elements of the story.

And finally, I appreciate philosophical questions related to science and religion. Not every Christian has the guts to question their beliefs (for fear they might lose them) and not every scientist is willing to admit science doesn’t have all the answers, so questions of philosophy can get sticky in this arena.

But if you like science fiction, and you’ve seen “Alien” or “Aliens” (or, possibly, memorized every line), and you like exploring questions without answers, get thee to a movie theater to see “Prometheus.” Springing for tickets at an IMAX 3D theater is worth the extra jing. The experience was so intense I forgot to wonder if refills on large popcorn and large drinks were free; I wouldn’t have left the theater for 90 seconds anyway.

Might even inspire you to make a flow chart (and re-do it six times).


7 responses to “Should you bother to see ‘Prometheus’?

  1. I knew you would love it. Not being a sci-fi girl, I rated it a 6 out of 10.(I liked Aliens better…Ripley just kicks ass!) My oldest son (17) hated it and my youngest son (15) LOVED it! On a shallow note, I was very impressed with Charlize Theron’s toned bod!

  2. I will be seeing Prometheus this coming weekend and I am insanely excited! And to be honest, Alien Resurrection is my favorite film out of the series.

  3. Loved your chart! Also really enjoyed “Prometheus”, saw it Sunday. We did 2D and I’m glad. Do-it-yourself cesareans are freaky enough w/o 3D.

    • minnesotatransplant

      Uh, you’re correct about the surgery scene. I don’t like blood anyway. But interesting concept — to impregnate the barren woman with an alien.

  4. Put me in the Totally Loved It column! It’s a film worth discussing after the fact, since there are a lot of subtle points. The birth scene is mentioned above. The way David tells Shaw she’s pregnant has been compared to The Annunciation, and there are other parallels to the Virgin Birth.

    Note also the events take place at Christmas, and that the Engineer’s (failed) plans to destroy humanity were 2000 years ago. Why did they want to destroy us? Something we did 2000 years ago?

    There’s an interesting use of fire (the flame throwers), which is the gift Prometheus brought. And Meredith’s line to her father about a King having his reign and dying is also a keynote.

    There are parts of the movie that are incredibly stupid (which may actually be a signal), but it’s filled with allusions and metaphors. I really hope they do a sequel!

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