How-to day

How to clean the air conditioning unit on your 1983 Pace Arrow RV:

  1. Weigh yourself. RV roofs aren’t load bearing, and unless you’re interested in a sun roof, thinner service technicians are preferred.
  2. Pull a picnic table over to the ladder on your RV. Climb up.
  3. While your husband makes small talk with the RV owner next door, remove the screws attaching the cover of air conditioning unit to the roof. Avoid sudden motions that may scare you into losing your balance.
  4. Spray an ungodly amount of Formula 409 into the evaporator coils.
  5. Interrupt husband long enough to throw water hose on to roof. Have him do it again when you miss it the first time. Spray off evaporator coils, carefully avoiding the mud puddles that develop in the area of your knees (and butt).
  6. Replace cover, taking care to tighten screws enough so cover doesn’t fly off into oncoming traffic the next time you take the RV on the road.
  7. Throw empty bottle of Formula 409 and hose off the roof. Carefully climb down.

How to reward yourself after cleaning air conditioning unit on 1983 Pace Arrow RV:

  1. Visit friend with good taste. When she offers you fruity margaritas, accept offer.
  2. Watch carefully as she combines the following in a high-powered blender: 1 can of frozen limeade, 1 pint of raspberries, 1 can of triple sec and tequila, a whole bunch of ice cubes. Blend.
  3. Admire the pretty glasses into which she pours drinks.
  4. Enjoy pretty pink margarita and friend’s good company.

Do not reverse order of air conditioner reconditioning and happy hour.

4 responses to “How-to day

  1. Send some of those pink margaritas over 🙂

  2. Your the Bestest!

  3. Great blog — made me laugh!!!

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