Memorial Day weekend list on things to remember

Summer officially begins today, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend! Exciting stuff if one lives in the upper Midwest where winters are cold and springtime is filled with cleaning, yard work and other activities associated with throwing off the vestiges of winter.
Here’s your Memorial Day weekend checklist to ensure you make the most of the 90-degree temperatures and time off from work:
— Swimsuit (maybe more than one).
— Sunscreen (SPF of 30 or higher to protect your lily-white epidermis).
— Ice cold beer.
— Ice (required to keep great quantities of beer ice cold).
— Salty snacks (I prefer Doritos, but potato chips will do in a pinch).
— Beef. Burgers, brats or steaks are required grill foods. If you’re a vegetarian, I respect you but I’m really sorry — grilled zucchini just sounds sad.
— Baseball schedule. Even if you don’t like baseball, a game on the radio is soothing to nap to).
— Patience. Traffic will be frustrating coming and going. Get used to it.
— Good company. Leave toxic spouses, children and relatives out of the festivities.
— WordPress app on your phone (necessary only if you’re a blogger obsessed with posting wittily about life’s ephemera daily).
Have a fabulous holiday!


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