Quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

May the 4th was planting day at Minnesota Transplant’s house.

We invested in whole bunches of flowers, herbs and tomatoes, and my Beloved played in the dirt all day today to give them new homes.

The bag of potting soil looks like it was eviscerated:

But the deck looks festooned for a big event. Here are the rail planters, complete with greenery that looks like raindrops:

And the pot in the corner of the deck:

And the hanging planters:

And the planters at the foot of the deck stairs (one’s a tomato plant):

He worked out front, too. Here are the hanging planters on the porch:

That geranium in the pot on the walkway looks like it needs an extra dose of Miracle Grow. Here’s hoping all the new plants fare better than the rhubarb seedling we planted a few weeks ago. Here’s how it looked today (this one’s for you, Mom):


One response to “Quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

  1. Beautiful! Love the potted tomato as part of the decoration. Your rhubarb needs a good talking to but be gentle; it may be doing the best it can.

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