Ghost tweet is souvenir of chill weekend visit

Some 10-year-olds are fascinating.

I’ve never had a 10-year-old. Or a little girl. But once a year or so, I get to spend some time with a friend’s charismatic little girl (now 10), and she’s such a joy, I revel in her charm for a few days after.

We took the dog for a walk while I was there, and as we passed a “Recall Walker” sign, she asked, “What’s ‘recall’?”

Oh, to explain politics to a 10-year-old! A little bit of heaven for a political science major (earlier she asked her mom what “wigged out” meant — I was glad I didn’t have to field that one).

“Well, do you understand elections?”

After a bit of discussion, she decided she agreed with the homeowner — time to recall the governor.

Yeah, a 10-year-old with an informed political opinion. Refreshing.

She ran across my iPad and was immediately immersed in it. The video function (with my dog as her leading lady) was endlessly interesting.

Unfortunately for her, the only game on my iPad is Scrabble. But she figured that out, too. Once I changed the setting from “super hard with 7-letter words on every other turn” (my preferred form of torture) to “easy,” she even managed to beat the computer.

I figured out today that she ghost tweeted for me, too.

I noticed a tweet from Saturday on my account: “Chillin at friends house whoo whoo!”

I didn’t write that. It didn’t come from my phone, so I know my Beloved didn’t write it. The timing and the lack of punctuation point to the precocious 10-year-old with access to my Twitter account via my iPad. Does a 10-year-old understand Twitter? I don’t know, but she understood me enough to tweet in my voice. I was chillin’, and it was a “whoo, whoo!” kind of evening.

In a couple of years, my annual visit to her house likely will leave her cold. But we’re not mourning that right now. We’re being mindful of the present moment and delighting in clever 10-year-oldness right now.

Whoo, whoo!


One response to “Ghost tweet is souvenir of chill weekend visit

  1. What a sweet post! I LOVE my boys but it is always fun to have a girl “fix”!!!

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