Boxes, boxes everywhere, and not a one to ship

OK, Universe, give it up.

I’ve been waiting over a week now for properly sized cardboard boxes to come into my life. I picked up some light fixtures for my sister at Ikea, and they need to be sent to her to finish off her kitchen remodel. But the boxes in which they are packed are not suitable for shipping.

Around this house, we normally have a plethora of boxes of every shape and size. But we recently recycled our overrun.

Today, UPS stopped twice, USPS delivered a box and FedEx rang our bell, too. Four deliveries.

A bluetooth thingy. Some doodad for the motorhome. A replacement phone. A portable photo scanner.

And not a box of suitable volume among them.

I’ll be darned if I go out and buy a cardboard box.

Sorry, Sis, you’ll have to wait another day.


One response to “Boxes, boxes everywhere, and not a one to ship

  1. I never buy boxes when they can be had so readily at local retailers… for free. Just visit your local liquor store or grocery store or auto parts store etc. and ask if you can have boxes. Every time I’ve moved, the only thing I’ve had to buy was tape 🙂 Hope that helps! Good luck

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